How it Works

Sign up for a street

Click on the "Join" button and fill out a form to start the process. You will be contacted by one of our volunteers to assign you to a street. Then we will send you a shirt. Only one free shirt per family, but you can purchase more here.


Visit the street regularly

We understand that everyone is busy, we suggest twice a week. So grab a garbage bag and go make a visible difference in our community street


Feel good about doing some good!

THANK YOU! We could not make such a huge change in our community, from garbage pick up to funding local youth organizations. So let's have fun and make our town beautiful.


How did it all start?

Ed Kolar lived on Platt Rd less than 5 miles out and began to notice trash build up. Every year the Kolars would pick a street to clean. It was easy to see how necessary a program like this would be for the city of Milan. Suddenly neighbors would see us cleaning and honk or give us a thumbs up. There had to be a way to get others involved.

After a meeting with Moving Milan Forward we found a way to accept donations and contribute to local youth organizations. Once we connected with SLI Custom, Budds Lawncare, and PlusCode the idea was off and running. Join us on April 28th at the Milan Community Clean-up Day and visit our table to select your street and receive a free T-shirt.

Our goal is to have the cleanest city in Michigan. We will do this one street and one person at a time. Join us from the beginning and make a difference on your street within our town